Scott Alan Elrod

Scott Elrod

Scott passed away on April 4th 2000 after a twenty-eight month battle with a high grade aggressive cancer, Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. He was diagnosed with cancer in December of 1997, his sophomore year. After three months of intensive chemotherapy treatments Scott was in remission and back on the field practicing and playing. During the next two years, Scott continued to go to school, maintain a 3.8 grade point average, take weekly chemo treatments and play baseball. He never asked for nor expected any special treatment from his Coaches or Teachers.

Scott was scheduled to complete his chemotherapy treatments in June of 2000, but in July of 1999 after a routine scan, we found out that Scott had relapsed; once again he would have to fight for his life. Scott never wanted sympathy; he only wanted to be healthy and normal. He wanted to play his senior year, graduate with his classmates, and fulfill the obligation that he had accepted just a few weeks before his death to play baseball for The University of Memphis.

Scott started playing ball at the age of five and played on a Bartlett Team until his death. He was a disciplined and talented athlete and always gave 110 percent on a baseball field, soccer field or basketball court. He not only demanded this from himself, but he also expected this from his teammates.

When our family and friends remember Scott, we remember how he lived not how he died. Scott had a good life; Larry, Brian and I were blessed to be his family and we know that he is in Heaven happy and healthy.
2009 Scott Elrod Memorial Scholarship