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Robert Andrew "Drew" Lawrence

In Loving Memory of Drew Lawrence

Robert Andrew "Drew" Lawrence was born May 25, 1984 and died October 9, 1999. Drew was a passenger in a vehicular accident with 4 of his friends. He was the only one seriously injured. He developed medical complications from the gasoline that saturated his body in the accident. He fought for his life for a week in the Trauma Center at the Regional Medical Center. He eventually lost his fight for life due to multiple organ failure. He was only 15 years old. Drew was surrounded by his family and friends at his death, just as he was in his life.

Drew was a freshman at Collierville High School and a member of the CHS baseball team. The baseball community at CHS has been tremendously supportive in helping to keep Drew's memory alive. The beautiful field at the high school is named the Drew Lawrence Memorial Field and they host a baseball tournament each year in his memory. Drew's family rewards a college scholarship each year to a graduating senior, college-bound baseball player from Collierville.

Drew always felt strongly about organ donation and became a donor upon his death. He needed a liver transplant that last week of his life. In the course of a week, he became one who so desperately needed an organ, to a donor himself. He had just signed his donor card when he obtained his learners permit two days before his accident. He always thought it was "just the right thing to do."

Drew is still loved and missed by a large and loving family and many friends. He had a hearty laugh, a tremendous sense of humor and a huge heart. He often befriended the new students at school and offered a shoulder to anyone feeling down. He loved his friends and family, baseball, Ole Miss Football, Collierville, holidays, funny movies, good food and any chance to party or celebrate. Drew had big plans for the future including attending Ole Miss and eventually coming to work in the family business. He didn't get many years here, but he made the most of the years he had.

The "angel picture", as it has become known, was taken by a friend the morning of his death. She was using a disposable camera and no flash of any kind. The morning was overcast and cloudy. What do you see? I see the angel who came and took our Drew to heaven. How beautiful!