Angel of Hope

On November 19, 2002, the Christmas Box Angel Statue was dedicated at St. Louis Church in Memphis. Also known as the Angel of Hope, the bronze Angel and the Garden have provided a place for people to remember and grieve loved ones, especially for those who have lost children. In the past few years, memorial bricks, granite benches and trees have been added to the Angel of Hope Garden. Many visitors have expressed appreciation and gratitude for having a site of such beauty and peace to visit. Many have described it as a place where they can feel hope.

Sue Anne Duffy, a bereaved mother and the one primarily responsible for having the Christmas Box Angel in Memphis, states that, although the project appears complete, the Angel is not completely paid for, and there are still opportunities for contributions. Memorial bricks may be purchased for $100 each. In addition, some of the trees are available for dedication. For a donation of $200, an engraved plaque will be placed at the base of the tree that states in whose memory it was "purchased." The trees are either crape myrtles or Japanese cedars and are already at the Angel site. Giving a brick or a tree in honor of or in memory of someone would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a friend or family member.

Anyone interested in making a contribution to the Angel of Hope project, purchasing a memorial brick or donating money for a memorial plaque at one of the trees should contact Sue Anne Duffy (home phone 901-276-4134; cell phone 901-848-4134). Forms for these donations are available.

The Angel of Hope Garden is located on the northwest corner of White Station and Shady Grove Roads.